Contact Nancy DeLucia Real at (310) 962-4043 or for adult or children’s cooking classes*.

Join Nancy in her easy and popular hands-on cooking instruction where she creatively customizes classes for adult singles or couples. Choose from thematic classes such as Pasta Making, Baking, Meats, Simply Seafood, Vegetarian, Vegan, Canning, etc.

Choose a holiday theme such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day for your cooking class. Or simply choose Italian, French, Mexican, Spanish, Persian, and more.

Celebrate Holidays, Birthdays, Baby or Wedding Showers, Anniversaries,  Bon Voyage, Graduation, Retirement, or other events with one of Nancy’s exciting cooking classes.

The Kitchen Buzzz’s Kids’ Kooking classes will boost children’s cooking skills as they create gourmet foods such as homemade  pizza, pasta, salads, vegetables, tacos, breads, cupcakes, cookies, pies, cakes, fruit desserts, etc.

Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult in all cooking classes.

*Minimum four (4) weeks’ advance notice and payment are required to reserve a class.

To advertise your product on this website, please contact us at or telephone (310) 962-4043.

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