“Chakra”, a Hindu concept, means a force or energy from a physical body. Chakra is also the name of a fine Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills – Chakra Indian Cuisine. When dining at Chakra, the energy that surrounds you is happiness, beauty and color.


As soon as you shed your jacket, cell phone and other paraphernalia, you immediately dive into these bright and delectable chutneys – tamarind, mango and cilantro are everyone’s favs. They’re served with “pappadam” or crackers made with lentil, chickpea and rice flour. The Samosa Trio, each filled with potato, mushroom, corn & cheese, are hot and crunchy.

The Chicken Tandoori is exquisite. It’s marinated overnight in yogurt, cumin, ginger and other spices and baked the next day in a clay oven. It’s no wonder that the chicken is not only tender, but totally saturated with rich, subtle flavors. I like this dish because the spices are not overpowering.

“Pulao” is Basmati rice that is lightly infused with fennel. Can you see the tiny seeds peeking at you? A side of carrots and peas with just the right amount of coconut is a perfect go-with for the Lamb Pepper Fry (no worries – the peppers in this sauce are sweet).

Take at look at this unique dessert – “Kala Jamun” are homemade dumplings that are fried and served in a delicate rose cardamom syrup. One bite and you won’t share. Since one of Chakra’s fortés is its meal enders, you’re better off ordering at least two desserts.

Now, did I convince you that this is fine cuisine? Chakra’s delicacies are from the northern and southern regions of India.

And btw, my favorite time of day at this restaurant is at night – both the illumination and exotic colors will enchant you. As stated in Chakra’s menu, you will enjoy “tempting food, tantalizing decor and teasing beats”.*

Check out Chakra’s Lunch Buffet served Monday through Friday (not expensive). The manager, Vadivel Perumal known as “Vel” and his staff are warm & friendly restaurant professionals.

Chakra Indian Cuisine
151 S. Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, CA. 90211
Tel (310-246-3999

*Chakra’s website photos with white chairs & tablecloths are from its Irvine location. The Beverly Hills location has orange and red hues surrounding both the tables and “loungy” booths!

Text and Photograph ©2012 Nancy DeLucia Real