In the past few years, I’ve been looking all over Los Angeles for a delicious cup of coffee with character and a smooth finish. Btw, I’m a coffee addict, so my brew has to be satisfactory no matter what mood I’m in or what time of day it is.

As far as getting a great cup of java at a moment’s notice in L.A. or in other cities, you can’t just “step out” of your car and find a rich-tasting brew at big-name coffee bars or shops. If you’re lucky enough to find excellent coffee brewed with single-origin Arabica Beans (this is one premium coffee bean, as opposed to a blend), you’re dishing out almost $5.00 per cup.

Recently, I found high-quality coffee that is rich and smooth: Jaguar Forest® 100% Organic Coffee (hereinafter referred to as “Jaguar Forest®)”), made from single-origin Arabica beans. These organic beans are from one source and are grown in the shaded forests of Chiapas, Mexico – the natural habitat of the jaguar.

Stumbling around my own habitat every morning, I always need a cup of Dark Roast coffee  – it tastes bold and has a smooth finish. Now, do you coffee nuts out there realize what this means? It means that it tastes deliciously nutty. And the finish lingers with NO BITTER AFTERTASTE!


The Medium Roast coffee by Jaguar Forest® is perfect during the day. Its flavor is rich and smooth, with chocolate notes and a hint of caramel (with half n’ half cream, it’s almost orgasmic, but not quite!). A cup of this coffee is great with dessert, but definitely stands on its own.


When I pour myself a cup of decaf, I can even drink it at night and not feel the “jitters”. This coffee is as smooth and flavorful as the Dark or Medium Roast varietals!


I also discovered that Jaguar Forest® is a proponent of international Fair Trade regulations which help create better trade and living conditions for people. In this vein, Jaguar Forest® works with cooperatives consisting of coffee-producing families. People work together and receive fair compensation for their family members, including better healthcare and educational resources.

All of the above facts and the great taste of Jaguar Forest® 100% Organic Coffee were the reasons why I chose this product for the 2014 launching of The Kitchen Buzzz Shop!

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