The gastronomic discovery of the year is Julienne, a French bistro located in San Marino (close to Pasadena).

There’s nothing like starting your day with a gourmet breakfast in a quaint indoor or outdoor setting reminiscent of Provence.

Presenting French Toast Julienne with Pure Maple Syrup.

With such a rich atmosphere and the feeling of having escaped to the south of France, we’re beaming, aren’t we?

It’s not until one of us decides to go powder our nose that a magical discovery is made behind the restaurant. There it is – the bakery and store that’ll flabbergast any foodie!

Jul Display

Now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, go and check out the beautiful gift items on display at Julienne.

But pour moi, the true essence of this establishment is found in the fine gourmet items that can make a cook go wild. What I mean is that once you spot the variety of “moutardes” or mustards, olive oils or fine wine, you’ll forget all about your budget.


olive oils

No worries – with such high quality tastes on their palates, you’ll impress ’em all. Unfamiliar with wine? Just pick any bottle and ask Kate, the general manager, to advise you on it.

Check out Julienne’s cookbook – it’s pretty amazing. This is a great item to bring home with the wine. If you don’t want to cook, simply choose from a wide variety of freshly made savory foods, salads and fantastic vegetables (no photos – just go there and see for yourself).

Finally, for the grand finale of the French dinner you’ll host, pick up some awesome macaroons

and marzipan. With these two items on your dessert table, you’ve just outdone yourself.

And it’s all thanks to Julienne!
Julienne Fine Foods & Celebrations
2651 Mission Street
San Marino, CA. 91108

Text & Photographs ©Nancy DeLucia Real