Where do you go when you crave Mexican food? Wanna know where I go? For me, it’s Lula Cocina Mexicana in Santa Monica. The first thing I like about this restaurant is its cozy, colorful atmosphere.








Whether you’re seated indoors or in Lula’s vibrant courtyard, your eyes will be entertained

especially once they spot those wonderful bottles of happiness, aka “Tequila”.

I chow down the tortilla chips and salsa as if there’s no tomorrow.

Lula’s Watermelon Margaritas are the best ’cause you can taste the watermelon! Other fun margaritas are the Cadillac, Americana and Blue Adobe. I ain’t tellin’ you what the ingredients are. Maybe I’ll tell you at the end …

Ready to order now? One of my favorites is Carne Asada a La Tampiqueña (marinated, grilled beef served with Poblano chiles, enchilada, rice and beans). Yes, you get all that on your plate and it tastes so homemade. You also get that rolled-up tortilla & fresh guacamole.

Another great entree is the Mexican Cobb Salad made with chicken, bacon, Ranchero cheese, avocado, fresh lettuce and tomato tossed in a red wine vinaigrette. Our servers are so coooool about how picky we are – just tell them what INGREDIENTS you don’t want. At Lula’s everything’s possible!

Now, remember I said I may tell you the ingredients of those margaritas I mentioned? I kinda lied. You’ll have to go to Lula’s Happy Hour and enjoy those drinks in person.

You can order wine, Sangria, Americana, Watermelon or Strawberry Margaritas for only $4.00 a drink.

You can also munch on Taquitos, Quesadillas and much more for only $4.00 per order. I think you figured out that this is the best deal in town – I’ll see you there!

Lula Cocina Mexicana
2700 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA.90405
Telephone: 310-392-5711

Text & Photographs © 2011 Nancy DeLucia Real