Have you been wondering where to find that perfect winter wonderland? Look no more, ’cause I found it for you on my December 2012 trip to Quebec, Canada.

Between Christmas and New Year, my family and I drove north, away from Montreal and towards Mont Tremblant Ski Resort. We were so taken by the beautiful forest sceneries in the Laurentian Mountains that we didn’t make it past Val-David (a little over an hour out of Montreal).

As we looked around us, we thought we were dreaming. Well, we quickly discovered it wasn’t a dream because our stomachs started growling and we needed some eats. So we stopped at Au Petit Poucetrestaurant, located on Route 117.

No doubt, you get that log-cabin atmosphere complete with the warmth of a monumental fireplace – obviously, the centerpiece of the restaurant.


When you walk in from the cold, you’re ready to devour those “hungry man” breakfasts.

Or, if you’re the type that can control your devouring capabilities, you can always opt for that lighter fare.

Au Petit Poucet carries an unbelievable selection of homemade jams, jellies, foie gras and relishes which the Québecois call ketchup aux fruits.

My two favs, however, are the gourmet meat pie, tourtière and, of course,

the French onion soup known as soupe à l’oignon.

The highlights of Au Petit Poucet are the great people all around you; and, the food products which are natural, seasonal and made in Québec.

Au Petit Poucet
1030 Route 117
Val-David, Quebec, Canada J0T-2N0
Tel. 819-322-2246
Toll Free Tel. 888-334-2246


Text and Photograph ©2013 Nancy DeLucia Real